Boat Rentals

We have all sorts of different kinds of boats for rent, for whatever your mood. We offer SUP (Stand-Up-Paddleboard), Canoe, Sit-on-top Kayak, Inflatable Kayak (Ducky), Raft, and River Float Tube Rentals.

*All of our rentals come with the necessary paddle(s) and life jacket(s) with extras available for rent


SUP (Stand-up-paddleboard)

We have lots of SUP's for your whole group. We offer hard shell paddleboards that are stable and easy to paddle. Take them to First Dam, out to Benson, Hyrum, over to Bear Lake, and beyond. Our SUP's have been all over. We have straps to tie them to the roof, or truck bed. We also have a couple trailers to help you haul them, if you want. We also have a couple inflatable SUP's which are easy to transport in the trunk of a car and can handle some river running, if you feel adventurous.


We have 14 canoes available, the classic and versatile Old Town Discovery, and Buffalo Royalex canoes. They are all 16-17 feet and made for two (comes with 2 life jackets), and can carry anything be it picnics or fishing gear. If you want one, we can get it on your vehicle. If you want more, we have 3 trailers to help you get them out for adventure. Our canoes have done it all, from canoe camping across lakes and rivers, exploring canyons of the Green River and fishing Yellowstone, to simply playing at First Dam.

Canoes Gorgeous.jpg

New boats!


Solo Canoe **NEW**

What do you get if you combine a kayak with canoe? We are now offering two single person canoes that are equipped with a kayak style seat. That means you sit in it like a kayak (seatback comfort and foot pegs) but it's an open cockpit canoe, which means you can carry a big cooler or fishing gear. They are made to be paddled with a double bladed kayak paddle, but can be paddled with a canoe paddle too. These "NEXT" canoes by Old Town are quick, maneuverable and so much fun to paddle!

Photo by Eric Newell

Photo by Eric Newell


We have sit-on-top kayaks, classic sit-in kayaks and some specifically for youth. Our sit-on-top kayaks are a fun and easy way to try kayaking and to have fun paddling. They are easy to transport and easy to paddle. One of them has rod holders so you can fish while paddling. We have TANDEMS that are awesome. They can hold 2 adults and a child or pet, or you can move the seat and paddle solo from the center and carry gear. Our kayaks can paddle the lakes and reservoirs, and they can handle some rivers. Inquire about our whitewater kayak.

Pedal kayak **NEW**

Bike on the water! These kayaks feature a pedal drive system. This system is fast, really FAST and will turn on a dime (if a dime could float). Jump in and get ready for a fun, new kayaking experience. There is a jumpseat in back for the kiddo, or puppy, for family fun, or pack a small cooler for a picnic. These are great for days at Bear Lake or a sunset cruise on Porcupine. Come try them, you won't be sorry, or don't and we'll take them out. ;)


Inflatable Kayak (Ducky)

The "Ducky" is a river running standard. With maneuverability and agility like a hardshell kayak but the forgiveness and bounce-off-rocks like a raft, inflatable kayaks are at home on any type of water. Take them up to the Oneida narrows, or down the Weber or the Ogden rivers for close by fun (the more experienced may try to tackle the easier sections of the Logan). Or take them further to the Snake and the whitewater of Alpine canyon or multi-day trips down the Green River. With the ability to deflate and roll it up, a ducky is a fine choice to throw into your trunk for any adventure (the pump is included). We have single and tandem inflatable kayaks, the tandems come with 2 life jackets.

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Oar rig on trailer.JPG


We offer 14ft and 15ft rafts, choose between a paddle rig or oar rig. Each raft comes with up to 7 life jackets, and paddles. Dry boxes, and coolers are included with oar rigs. Our rafts have been down some of the biggest whitewater around. Take a paddle rig for fun on day runs down Alpine Canyon near Jackson. Our oar rigs will take you for the longest trips, like Desolation Canyon. Let us help you gear up and plan your adventure (we can point you towards big water and excitement as well as mellow runs to take the whole family). Yes, we have groovers available too. When you go, rent one of our tilt bed trailers and be the envy of everyone on the boat ramp.

River Float Tube

Our float tubes are Aire Rocktabombs. They are the best tubes made. They are like a little personal-sized whitewater raft. Made of the same durable materials as full-size rafts, our tubes will take you down the river and bounce off any rocks in the way. Best on the Oneida Narrows, or down to the Ogden or Weber rivers, maybe a town run on the Logan, or take a few with the raft to Moab and run the Colorado.

Photo by Eric Newell

Photo by Eric Newell

Raft Couch.JPG

Raft Couch

We have an Aire inflatable couch! Yep, an inflatable couch! It's made with the same rubber and air bladder as their whitewater rafts. Take it down Oneida Narrows, to the park for a picnic, to camp, or roll it up and through it in the raft for seating at camp on a week long trip down the river. Finally relaxation on the go, and it has 2 cup holders!